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Skype: murphy_xie

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Mention Technology Co.,Limited who integrates research & development, design, manufacture, sales and service as a whole in Cleanroom and Antistatic industries, is committed to producing the highest quality clean room swabs at the competitive cost. As a full line manufacturer, we have the capability to produce customized clean room swabs for specific applications with a wide selection of swab sizes, handles, and materials, to support numerous industrial and manufacturing swab sampling applications. Advanced technologies and precision manufacturing ensures our swabs eliminate contamination and provide consistent cleanliness.

We offer different sizes of Cleanroom swabs designed for every different industries. They mainly include Foam swab, Polyester SwabMicrofiber Cleaning Swabs and cotton swab.Moreover,our products range covers Cleanroom Wipes,Sticky Mat,Tacky Roller,ESD Table Mat,etc. All of them are widely used in the industries of Electronics, Semiconductor, Microelectronics, Photoelectronics, Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, Computer HD,  Medical care, LCD, HDD, etc

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