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Products > Cleanroom Antistatic Swabs > Cleanroom ESD Microfiber Swabs > 6“ Antistatic Microfiber Tipped Swab
Product name : 6“ Antistatic Microfiber Tipped Swab
Item : MT-P761M
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Cleanroom Swabs Description:

Mention's MT-P761M ESD cleanroom microfiber Swabs with Long Handle is an excellent dissipative microfiber swabs for cleaning surfaces and hard-to-reach areas. Its laundered, microfiber head is extremely clean. A long handle and flexible internal head paddle provide good support.

This microfiber swabs can replace long-handled cotton swabs in applications requiring superior cleanliness. The handle is made from a polymer alloy using a patented Inherently Dissipative Polymer (IDP) to provide clean, permanent ESD protection without contributing particulate contaminates to the cleanroom.


■ Cleanroom-laundered, microfiber tip over flexible paddle
■ Long, ESD-safe handle
■ Thermally bonded head
■ Soft and nonabrasive 


- Head Material:double-layer microfiber
- Head width: 7.5 mm
- Head thickness: 3.0 mm
- Head length: 16 mm
- Handle Material:polypropylene
- Handle width: 3.2 mm
- Handle length: 148 mm
- Total length: 164 mm

Microfiber Swab Benefits

■ Ultralow nonvolatile residue
■ Low particle and fiber generation
■ Good sorbency
■ No contaminating adhesives
■ ESD control without contaminating carbon or metal loading
■ No blooming ionic antistats
■ No contaminating coatings
■ Humidity-independent ESD control for consistent performance
■ Safely dissipates charges in under two seconds when used with a solvent such as IPA


■ Magneto-resistive head manufacturing and assembly
■ Cleaning with solvents such as IPA
■ Applying lubricants and other liquids
■ Removing excess materials


500pcs/bag, 10bags/ctn

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